Scientists told about the benefits of eating a large amount of water

In recent years, people increasingly prefer sweet, fizzy drinks. Plain water is often underestimated, although it is able to normalize many body functions. Scientists have tried to convey to ordinary people about the importance of drinking water.

They began with harm from sweet drinks. "Fast" sugars increase the level of glucose in the blood. At constant excess sugar raises the likelihood of developing diabetes. No wonder doctors are sounding the alarm: the disease every year younger. If at the end of the last century, the normal age for diabetes mellitus was considered to be 50 years, but now many cases where the symptoms are first seen in 30-40 years.

Normal water is the ideal liquid for the human body. Some experts believe that the lack of fluid in the body leads to the development of obesity, edema and other diseases.

Doctors advise to drink at least two liters of fluid daily to maintain water balance in the body. Instead of another bottle of soda it is better to drink a glass of clean water, they say.

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