The human body adapts to mountainous conditions, which positively affects health. Mountain air contains less oxygen. It would seem that this factor should cause starvation of tissues. However, the regular raise in a relatively small height, in contrast, "teaches" the body to properly use resources and to control the metabolism.

According to the study, during the stay in the mountains of the hematopoietic system produces special blood cells. They are better suited to speed oxygen to muscles and provide the body with the necessary gas volume.

In the experiment, the volunteers asked to join the Hiking in the mountains. In the beginning, subjects have a blood test. This was followed by training, consisting of several mountain hikes. It is interesting that each campaign was given to the volunteers is much easier than the previous ones.

In the end, the researchers took the subjects another blood test. He showed that the campaigns contributed to the formation of new red blood cells. These changes persisted for 120 days after the end of the experiment.

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