Scientists: to lose weight, you need to eat only quality food

Researchers from Cornell University have solved the mystery of slim people. It turns out that it is not how much a person eats every day, and the quality food. This tells Zee News, referring to the results of this work.

Scientists conducted the survey. The first group consisted of 112 people without a drop of excess weight, none of them strict diet is not adhered to. Respondents from the second group to maintain weight at the desired digits used quite a strict diet and closely monitoring your diet. Interested scientists the following questions about nutrition, lifestyle and physical activity of volunteers.

It turned out that slender people do not used the standard recommendations of nutritionists to look good. Volunteers from the first group often cooked meals at home with quality ingredients, often listening to my body and its needs. And the lack of a sense of guilt for eating a cake or an extra portion in the fast food provided a necessary emotional spirit. Most of the problems, experts say, in our head. For weight loss need to change your attitude to food, then all must succeed.

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