Scientists: to lose weight and simultaneously gain muscle mass really

You need to stick to a specific diet and exercise, no other there are no secrets. Experts from McMaster University as part of the experiment took the perfect formula of weight loss with simultaneous muscle gain. The study involved 40 men with overweight.

Volunteers were divided into two groups. Participants from the first group ate a low-calorie food, rich in protein, and exercise. In the second group of volunteers has restricted the usage of high-calorie foods and also went to the gym. Here only the content of protein in the diet has been moderate.

The subjects from the first group were able to lose weight and to gain 1.1 kg of muscle mass, volunteers from second not typed a single gram of muscle. Another interesting fact: the participants of the research group "high protein consumption" on average lost 4.8 kg, the control group – 3.6 kg.

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