Scientists: to distract from food – fattening

Experts urge not to be distracted by watching TV while eating. Stronger than it in memory for Breakfast, lunch or dinner, the longer a person does not want to eat. The described phenomenon is associated with memory shape and taste of food, which does not happen when the shift of attention to the series and transfer, writes The Daily Mail.

Scientists from the University of Birmingham conducted a study involving 39 women with normal weight. Volunteers were divided into three groups. The first group played a computer game on the result during the meal, the second did the same, without a purpose, the subjects of the third group are not distracted during the experimental portions of food.

Lunch consisted of 400 calories. In the evening, the volunteers were asked to eat cookies. Women from the first group took 69% more sweets than women from the control group.

Similar results were obtained by scientists in the second experiment. Watching TV has increased the amount of food consumed and reduced the degree of satisfaction from it. Scientists urge serious about not only the quality and quantity of food, but also to the conditions of its acceptance.

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