Dancing is much more effective than even the most intense workout in the gym, according to scientists from the University of Brighton. At least the dances help to cope with the excess weight. Scientists say about the benefits of dance for mental state of the person, the sport teaches interaction with others, liberates and gives confidence, writes The Daily Mail.

In the experiment, Dr. Nick Smeaton has assembled a group of 15 dancers and held them for a few sessions. While dancing we measured the heart rate of volunteers, their energy, happiness level and some other indicators. Subjects engaged in ballroom dancing, swing, street dance, salsa or contemporary. At the end of the training, the volunteers shared their experiences with scientists.

It turned out that the hike to the dance allows you to burn more energy intensive than running, Biking or swimming. Just think, after only one session on street dance people protestowali more than 3.5 kilometres, which is equivalent to a long run of moderate intensity.

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