Scientists: to 45 years intellectual abilities begin to decline

British scientists have found that to 45 years intellectual abilities begin to decline gradually. By this age indicators determining the memory, the ability to analyze and compare the information transferred to the stage of extinction. Data published edition of Nature Structural & Molecular Biology in his final article.

Experts have been analyzing the intelligence of men and women aged 45-70 years over ten years. The volunteers were investigated memory, vocabulary, perception and processing of new information. It turned out that by the age of 45-49 years intelligence has decreased by about 4-5%.

To 45 years begin degenerative processes associated with decreased intelligence, braking activity of the cerebral cortex. That is why older people tend to forget information, be naive, don't understand the surrounding circumstances.

The obtained data, scientists believe, fashionable will use in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia.

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