Scientists: there is a relationship between diet and sleep quality

Research involving 4,5 thousand people confirmed the speculation that there is a connection between diet and sleep quality. It turned out that a number of minerals and acids affects the sleep process, writes The Daily Mail.

In order to sleep better, you need to eat more Brazil nuts and milk. "Two products is enough to ensure a comfortable night, which will allow you to sleep well" - says the article Michael grander (University of Pennsylvania).

Healthy sleep is the result of proper nutrition, routine and lifestyle. Only the following simple rules is a guarantee of good sleep.

The study also proved that more often insomnia affects women. Stress (financial problems, processing, problems with colleagues and friends) also affect the sleep process.

Scientists recommend to increase the content in the diet of carbohydrates, butane and dodecanol acid to sleep tight. These substances are found in the usual cow's milk. The consumption optimum amount of potassium improves sleep quality by 30%. Sleep problems often arise in people who use a lot of salt and fatty foods.

The Council in this situation one: listen to your body and don't ignore the banal advice of doctors and nutritionists. Just the right attitude towards your body provides the domestic welfare.

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