Scientists: the treatment of breast cancer without surgery - reality

A group of British scientists have developed innovative methods of treatment for breast cancer without invasive surgery. In the new methodology will include DACH1 protein. This compound has a strong immune effect and is produced as a reaction to the cancer. It is believed that the presence in the blood of the patient DACH1 - grounds for cancellation of the emergency operation.

Emergency operations, experts say, is for those who have this protein is absent. The main advantage of the new method is rationality assignment serious medical interventions that may give side effects and complications.

Of course, cancer is a serious area, and it will be a long time until approval of a new treatment principle. But now scientists speak about a breakthrough in the treatment of tumors of the breast.

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Note the presence of a large concentration of DACH1 almost guarantee the absence of aggressive type of cancer. Cells can not go into a state of high activity, this type of tumor process can be treated by standard methods.

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