Scientists: the tendency to obesity is passed to the child with mother's milk

The composition of breast milk influences the tendency of obesity in the child, according to scientists from the University of southern California. Some types of carbohydrates in milk increase the risk of obesity in infants.

Milk contains several oligosaccharides. Scientists have identified two oligosaccharide (DSLNT and LNFPII) which increase the probability of child obesity in the future. Other carbohydrate (LNFPI), on the contrary, reduces excess weight.

According to the results, the excess of milk LNFPII DSLNT and increases the weight of a child on average of 300-400 grams. They do not have a crucial importance in the formation of obesity, but increase the likelihood of its occurrence in the future. Scientists believe that proper diet of the mother is the key to the health of the child.

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