Scientists: the tendency to change increases every ten years

Usually adultery associated with marriage problems, family discord, acute conflict and disappointment in your partner. Scientists do not deny that these factors do play a huge role. However, there are also conditional chart, in which the propensity to change increases with the approach of the new decade.

Data were established during the analysis of the Dating sites. The propensity to change, the scientists, is amplified at the age of 29, 39 and 49 years. After the occurrence of the round date desire to change gradually fades away.

Experts believe that every ten years there is a revaluation of values that lead to personal crisis. Someone in this period, changing jobs, others are trying to completely change his life, turning it in another direction. Cheating can be perceived by the person as an attempt to change something, to experience new sensations.

According to the survey, 29, 39 and 49 years, the chance of betrayal is increased by 18%. Among women, the connection between the desire of treason and age, scientists have not been identified.

Researchers are advised to consider this information when building a relationship of trust. The ability to share and tell your partner about your feelings may save marriage from destruction.

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