Scientists: the tendency of people to overeat is to blame the brain

According to the data obtained as a result of recent experts studies the human brain, in people who are prone to gluttony, there are some failures in the work of this body. Naturally, such a habit in the future is likely to lead to obesity.

In addition, scientists have identified evidence of substantial differences in the perception of another ingestion by both sexes.

The female brain demonstrates a higher level of emotion aroused by the taste of certain food, for this reason, women experience more pleasure from food. At the same time the representatives of the stronger sex are more focused on satisfying hunger than the taste of consumed food.

This difference gives an exhaustive answer to the question of why women are significantly more likely than men to have problems with excess weight. According to one of the representatives of the group of sponsors of the research Arpana Gupta, at the moment it is, rather, assumptions that need further clarification and verification.

She also revealed some details of the series of the experiments and stated that the analysis was subjected to the brain eighty-six perfectly healthy women and men. The aim of the study was to investigate the possible role of the brain in the pathophysiology of overweight.

The result has been to detect the presence of a direct neurological connection between food and those parts of the brain that are responsible for the formation of emotions. Indirect confirmation of the existence of such relationship was detected in fat of the fair half of mankind.

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