Scientists: the risk of obesity associated with the temperature in the house

Scientists have discovered a direct relationship between the temperature in the home and risk of obesity in humans. Low temperature provokes the formation of brown adipose tissue in the body. Brown fat is involved in the breakdown of white fat. In warm conditions the amount of brown fat is reduced, writes WebDM, this may be one of the factors of obesity.

The data were confirmed in the course of research at the Medical research Institute Garvan (Australia). Dr. Paul Lee was collected from healthy volunteers and put them in different temperature conditions. During the day people were doing the usual chores, temperature operated only in the evening. The study lasted for 4 months, during which the temperature was changed.

In the first month the temperature was 22 degrees, the second is 19 degrees, the third is 22 degrees, the fourth - 27 degrees. According to research, low temperature increased the amount of brown fat in the body of volunteers. At high temperature, this figure was decreased. Neutral temperature had no effect on brown fat. Note that the most pronounced changes were recorded in volunteers with initially high rate of brown fat in the body.

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Researchers believe that this information will be useful for diabetics and people with obesity.

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