Scientists: the psychopaths disturbed perception of punishment because of the nature of the brain

To such conclusion scientists during MRI examination of the brain 50 men. 18 people had no inclination to crime and never committed illegal acts. 12 men were convicted of rape, 20 - suffered from antisocial personality disorder. Data provided by the publication TIME.

MRI analysis of the brain of volunteers allowed us to assess the activity of different parts and structures of the cortex. The psychopaths, the scientists, it was much more difficult to control their behavior, which was reflected in their brain.

Scientists noticed the anomaly associated with the functioning of regions that are responsible for feelings of guilt, moral evaluation, and shame. Apparently, psychopaths can't get the experience of their own negative actions, I do not see anything immoral. It is proved that psychopathy in most cases begins to manifest itself at an early age in the form of unrestrained activity, inappropriate behavior, increased aggressiveness in dealing with peers.

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