Scientists: the production of the hormone of happiness can be stimulating

You know that feeling of happiness a person has special hormones - dopamine and serotonin. Some, but plays a secondary role epinephrine. From a connection hormonal external factors, the researchers argue, the synthesis of hormones of happiness can be activated.

Work best sport exercises that increase the concentration of dopamine and serotonin in 10 times. Sex also works perfectly. Good movie, music, theatre, fine. All of the above is the source of endorphins, which are so necessary to the human body.

You should not torture yourself with fresh food, add spices, spicy foods. This will help to improve your mood.

The last thing scientists say, laughter is the sun. Sunlight triggers the production of vitamin D, forms a tan, laughter and happiness are two inseparable things, without which you cannot live.

Look for a good mood, be positive and happy hormones will find you themselves, scientists say.

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