Scientists: the pancreas is able to fight diabetes

A group of scientists from the University of California (San Francisco) has made a breakthrough in the study of diabetes. Researchers have shown that insulin islets can be formed from the underlying tissue of the pancreas. Note that the islets of Langerhans, is responsible for producing a hormone that is only 1-2% of the entire glandular tissue, the remainder is responsible for the synthesis of digestive enzymes.

Was put experience on laboratory mice with diabetes. Scientists were able to restore their body's normal levels of sugar, without resorting to standard therapy, according to DNA India. The results were obtained by reprogramming acinar cells under the influence of special treatment.

Scientists have high hopes for a new way to treat diabetes. It should be noted that previously, scientists from the laboratory of Matthias Hebrok put forward an alternative theory of disease occurrence. In their opinion, the pathology may be associated with hypoxia of the cells of the pancreas.

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