Scientists: the nationality of the person can be identified by the bacterial composition of the oral cavity

Bacterial flora plays a huge role in a person's life. Billions of bacteria live in the digestive system, providing a range of functions. Intestinal flora helps in digestion and is responsible for the security of the body from pathogenic fungi and bacteria. The lack of a sufficient number of bacteria in the intestine as a result of antibiotic therapy can lead to digestive disorders, diarrhea and other pathologies.

As it turned out, the bacteria can also be used in diagnosis. It turns out that for each nationality characterized by a specific composition of bacteria residing in the oral cavity. Scholars argue that the composition of the bacteria outside of the gums, can talk about belonging to a particular nation. Such this was published in the journal PLOS ONE, citing research by American scientists from the University paradontology Ohio.

To prove their theory, the scientists gathered group, each of which consisted of people of certain nationalities living within and outside America. Among them were Americans, black, Chinese, Hispanic. Scientists conducted an analysis of the bacterial composition of the oral cavity of each group. To do this, they have cultivated flora and raised her. The information obtained suggests that for every nationality characterized by a specific bacterial composition of the oral cavity.

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Scientists in the amount found about 400 species of bacteria. Only two percent of them attended each of the subjects. Nine of the ten participants, only eight percent of the bacterial species were the same. This gave scientists the right to further research activities in this direction. They were able to prove that every nation has a strictly its own set of bacteria that live for deshevye pockets.

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