Scientists: the most aggressive men doubt their masculinity

Manly men are to stereotypical "male behavior". Excessive aggression, according to scientists from the American chemical society, can only talk about the uncertainty men in their abilities. This behavior indicates the presence of certain problems in the field of self-control, writes The Daily Mail.

Scientists analyzed the behavior of 600 Americans 18-50 years. The volunteers shared with the experts of their habits and behaviour patterns. Especially scholars interested in the standard of male behavior, according to subjects, and from adherence to this standard.

It was found men who consider themselves insufficiently masculine (and thus resorting to aggressive behavior), used violence significantly more often than males without such stereotypical behaviour.

Such men are more often committed crimes injury accident victims. Interestingly, constant stress caused did not develop in them a dependence on alcohol and other psychoactive substances. Scientists suggest that drug use is not attractive to individuals like violence.

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