Scientists: the more the child sleeps, the less he is

The problem of obesity and nutrition is very acute in recent decades. Scientists from the American Academy of Pediatrics conducted a study involving 47 children aged 8-11 years, during which proved that sleep duration affects the amount of food consumed.

To do this, children were divided into two groups and changed the duration of their sleep for three weeks. It turned out that the longer the child was asleep, the less he needed food. This was especially true of children who spend in his sleep more than ten hours a day. Scientists believe that the case in leptin, the hormone of hunger and insomnia automatically leads to its development that may affect weight gain.

Pediatricians have come to believe that healthy sleep is an excellent prevention of obesity in childhood. It should be noted that the conclusions preliminary, and more research is needed in this area to prove the relationship of hunger hormone and metabolic exchange.

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