Scientists: the mood of the doctor affects the quality of treatment

The doctor is one of the most nervous in the world. Together with doctors from chronic stress suffer police, rescuers, firefighters, security guards and military personnel. Among this group of workers most frequently occur suicide. Doctors, for example, commit suicide three times more often than people of other professions. About it writes the edition JAMA.

Before scientists from Harvard medical school and the University of Michigan conducted an analysis of the mental state of the modern doctors and experts from the past. It was found that the proportion of doctors with depression from year to year only increases, and the likelihood of medical errors.

Regular stress and depressed mood, according to the study, affects the quality of patient care. Working more, doctors make more mistakes, are wards with less attention. "Minor stress can have a constructive impact on human health, however, when the stress is too much, it starts to have a negative impact on the job" says Colin West, author of the study.

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