Scientists: the minimum amount of urine in the pools leads to serious consequences

Scientists from the U.S. and China conducted a global research and found that even small amounts of urine in the indoor pool can affect the health of people visiting it. Data about the study published in the scientific journal Environmental Science & Technology.

After studying the conversion of uric acid, the researchers found that when interacting with chlorine it turns into CYANOGEN chloride and trichloraminen. These compounds can irritate mucous membranes, cause lacrimation. In addition, the substance is toxic and irritate the nervous and cardiovascular system.

Inhalation of air with a concentration of CYANOGEN 0.4 mg/l for ten minutes can be fatal. Large number of trichloride nitrogen can cause severe burns. Scientists pay attention to the problem : "People should stop peeing in pools, if not for the sake of others, then at least for myself" - the author writes research Jing Li.

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Note, previously, scientists have proven that regular swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool provokes disturbances in the structure of DNA, diseases of the respiratory system.

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