Scientists: the main problem of schizophrenia is the inability to make a choice and decide

Scientists have tried to explain why people with schizophrenia find it difficult to adjust in the society, to find friends, to find a job. A group of researchers from the University of Sydney established, schizophrenia disrupts the parts of the brain responsible for emotions, desires. Patients with schizophrenia find it difficult to make a concrete decision and make a choice, writes Psych Central.

For explanation of the phenomenon, scientists conducted an experiment involving patients of psychiatric profile and healthy people. Managed to prove, regardless of the disease the person may like or dislike the movie, music, or the circle of his acquaintances. However, for a patient with schizophrenia is difficult to associate your choice with the future way of life.

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The examination apparatus MRI confirmed the speculations of scientists: activity zones, responsible for the control and decision-making in patients with schizophrenia has been reduced. Localized pathology in the caudate nucleus of the brain.

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