Scientists: the human brain has a built-in GPS

GPS has become one of the most common technologies in the modern world. Almost everyone has on navigation device, which is used to locate themselves in space and route.

Experts headed by Edward Moser, may-Britt Moser reviewed the human brain as a separate GPS unit. It turned out a special grid cells have functions, providing orientation in unfamiliar terrain. For the discovery of scientists won the Nobel prize.

Grid cells are localized in the hippocampus and entireley the cerebral cortex. Cells, primarily associated with emotional reactions. According to the theory of scientists, the man is in amputecture, world, surrounded by emotions. It Anacostia directs and plays the role of a GPS map, and grid cells act as a GPS in the world of emotions.

According to the theory, neurons help a person in choosing the second half, beloved and good environment.

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