Scientists: the human brain during the study varies

New information coming into the brain of a person during work and study, significantly changes the structure of nerve fibers and cells. Scientists from the University of British Columbia conducted a study in which the established processes occurring in the brain, reports The Free Press Journal. Now science knows about the molecular changes that occur in the brain in the process of remembering information.

While learning is synthesized by a special amino acid that is attached to the Delta katenina, squirrel master brain. Scientists have noted, this process is mandatory to remember something new.

Data were installed in tests on laboratory animals. The concentration of Delta-catenin in the brain of animals during training increased in two times. It turns out that the substance is actively involved in this process.

Violations in the described mechanisms may partially explain the mechanisms of the development of some mental disorders. This will help in the future to cope with diseases, which are currently not amenable to treatment.

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