Scientists: the herpes Virus causes multiple sclerosis

Employees of the University of Queen Mary (London, England) made a revolutionary discovery. They found that makes the virus of Epstein-Barr in the brain of patients with multiple sclerosis. This virus is known as the VEB and the virus is the 4th type of herpes man, writes the Agency New Scientist.

"It is possible that the RNA virus is a "provocateur" inflammation of the nervous tissue, which is characteristic of multiple sclerosis," say the scientists. The virus, really, is there almost every patient of multiple sclerosis patients. And caused by a virus, the presence of glandular fever significantly increases the risk of developing the disease multiple sclerosis.

To this question finally understand, Ute-Christiane Meyer together with colleagues conducted a post-mortem examination of the brain of people who in life had suffered from multiple sclerosis and people that this disease did not suffer. In the course of the research, the virus was detected in damaged areas of the brain of people with life suffering from the above disease.

When testing for antibodies was detected: virus actively did not spread, but he RNA molecules released into the environment. As it turned out, this RNA significantly activates the immune system, thereby triggering inflammation that can damage cells neurons and thereby cause the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Scientists believe that multiple sclerosis can be prevented, but it should cope with the virus.

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