Scientists: the flu will be defeated in the near future

Such a disease may cease to provide for people of every threat, experts say. They learned how to activate immunity against the virus, has not yet penetrated into the human body. This writes The Telegraph.

The main problem of dealing with viruses is their variability. Each year, physicians are faced with a new strain of flu, which is being developed under a new vaccine. The solution lies in the protein IFITM3. It is formed in the body in large quantities during infection with influenza. Protein blocks the replication of the virus. Scientists have discovered how to increase the activity of the protein using drugs. The presence of influenza virus in the body when it is not necessary.

The opening will allow to get rid of the eternal against viral infection, prone to permanent genetic mutations. The first experimental samples the method has proved its efficiency. It remains to find the right tools and to conduct all necessary tests to confirm security.

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