Scientists: the child can be taught quickly to fall asleep even in infancy

All mothers okuchivaut your child, so that he quickly fell asleep. The researchers suggest that such techniques in the future lead to a real headache for parents. As a result of existing rituals children can't sleep, they will not take your hands, do not shake, do not feed, writes The Daily Mail.

In infancy quickly formed habits, abandon which is extremely difficult. Scientists have tracked the generation of children for over 40 years. As it turned out, the habit is produced artificially. When sleep problems need to change the traditional ritual of going to sleep and to encourage the child to develop the habit.

The first steps can be done in just a few weeks after the baby is born. At this age most often seen problems when the child can't fall asleep immediately after feeding.

Scientists lead by example. If while watching the parents notice that the child must suck finger to fall asleep, you need to keep your hand out of diapers at night. Then you will not need additional methods. Some children may like to look at patterns or toys before bedtime.

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It is believed that reading before bed is also beneficial to the developing brain of the child. Proven intellectual Foundation laid in the first two years of the baby's development.

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