Scientists: the chemical on paper for checks is dangerous to health

Specialists found in samples of paper for printing checks bisphenol-A. This chemical compound has a negative impact on the endocrine system and disturbs the body metabolism, writes Fox News.

American scientists believe that the fact that the use of bisphenol a should pay attention not only to the scientific community, but all over the world. The substance increases the risk of diabetes and obesity. Single and random contacts do not threaten the development of the pathology, but the cashiers in Department stores have an increased risk of metabolic disorders.

Data on ingestion of bisphenol-a in the blood through the skin was confirmed in the course of the experiment. Scientists have proposed to be in contact with the check, then immediately wash hands. Traces of BPA in the blood were found in most cases.

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Note, not all perceive the use of bisphenol a dangerous factor. Finnish scientists have refuted the negative impact of chemicals on the body. According to them, even the cashiers do not feel any danger in constant contact with checks.

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