Scientists: the acidity in the brain reduces anxiety

Scientists, neurologists have found a new way of dealing with anxiety. It turned out that the acidity in certain nerve centers allows you to win a nervous condition. Science has proven, center for anxiety inherent in basolateral part of the amygdala. This area defines emotional human behavior, says DNA India.

Cells basolateral parts have a large number of ion channels that are sensitive to acids. Channels type ASIC1a react to changes in the acidity levels in the extracellular environment. Activation of ASIC1a, scientists believe, reduces the level of anxiety in a living organism.

It turns out that by regulating the activity of ion channels, you can control fear and anxiety. To prove their theory, the scientists separated the nervous tissue, treated her with acid and measured the level of incoming signals. Increasing the pH resulted in a decrease in the level of activity of nerve cells. Activation of ASIC1a channel led to similar effect.

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