Scientists that humanity will not survive without GMOs

Most experts from international organizations are confident that the GMO is good for the food industry. Harm from modified products are not proven, and the benefits are clear. With the current shortage of food and the rapid population growth of the planet without the available products in large quantities simply not enough.

Opinions on GMOs differ. Opponents of GMOs believe that the widespread distribution of such food will lead to irreversible changes in the genetic structure of humanity and will cause serious damage to the planet itself.

Experts acting for GMA, sure, most of the current products already changed in some way. Genetically modified food will become a new stage of humanity's existence. You can forget about the problem of lack of food in developed countries.

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And while experts in the field of food industry engaged in the cultivation of bananas, enriched with vitamin A. The same scientists plan to make cheese, yogurt and eggs.

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