Scientists test the vaccine efficacy from different types of addiction

Special medication should be a panacea for alcohol-and nicotine dependence and pathological craving for food. The results of the study tells the newspaper The New Zealand Herald.

The technology is based on lay knowledge about working of the hormones of the human digestive system and the principles of formation of p psychological dependence. According to scientists, glucagon-like peptide-1 and ghrelin should help in the treatment of food and other dependencies.

At the moment, scientists are gaining a group of volunteers: we need 30 people with obesity, 30 former smokers, 30 people tied with alcohol. The purpose of the study is to understand whether the mixture of hormones to defeat psychological cravings person-to-object dependencies. Upon successful completion of the test, the vaccine should appear in circulation, however, will happen not earlier than in five years.

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