Scientists: sweets impair memory in adolescents

Excess sugary foods in the diet of the child increases not only the likelihood of obesity and the risk of early memory problems. Scientists from the University of southern California proved, changes in diet affect the brain, especially in childhood and adolescence, writes The Times of India.

Assumptions scientists have confirmed in the experiment with laboratory rats. Animals as part of the experience received sweet water as the main nutrients. After a certain time the majority of specimens have been serious changes in the structure of the brain, the increased amount of the hormone inflammation, disturbed function of the hippocampus (this structure is responsible for memory). After "sweet diet" most of the rats could not get out of specially constructed labyrinth.

Under normal meals such pathologies can be easily avoided, scientists say. Proper nutrition is one of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet is the best prevention of diabetes and many other diseases.

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