Scientists suspect: seals brought to America TB

Researchers from Germany (Tubingen University) came to the conclusion that the primary source of tuberculosis in America have become a common seal, and not the Spanish conquistadors, as was thought earlier. Signs of tubercular decay scientists have found bones in the skeletons of animals.

Mycobacteria found in the remains of seals (type Mycobacterium pinnipedii), was very similar to standard tuberculosis bacteria, the source of TB man.

Apparently, Mycobacterium in the process of evolution has changed and acquired new properties. Scientists have traced the evolution of the pathogen over 11 thousand years. This allowed to conclude that the bacteria came to America with one of the marine mammals.

There are known cases of TB infection from seals from zoos. Themselves animals can migrate from Africa in more comfortable parts of the world. To get the wand in the human body is capable of food by, with the meat of animals.

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It is noteworthy that scientists believe the current wand TB is many times more infectious its predecessor.

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