Scientists: sulfur and sweat will tell about the person

Sulfur is a collection of secretions of the sweat and sebaceous glands. This substance is necessary to protect the ear from dust, bacteria, foreign phone in Addition, sulfur protects the ear canal from the water, says Medical News Today.

Scientists from the Centre of Monell found out - it turns out that the properties of many sulfur are determined by the structure of the ABCC11 gene. His variations determine the humidity, viscosity, sulfur, smell of sweat and some other qualities. The smell of sweat carries information about sex, health status of the person. This information also contains the ear sulfur.

To prove their theory, the scientists recruited volunteers Caucasian race

And East Asians. Samples of sulfur was heated with the aim of obtaining aromatic compounds.

All scientists have identified 12 volatile compounds. The concentrations of some of them differed greatly depending on ethnicity. Men with European roots had the highest concentration of aromatic compounds in 11 substances. Sulfur Asians as their sweat, had a less pronounced smell.

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It is proved that sulphur can put the existence of Latinos and alkaptonuria in latent period, when the blood changes are not observed. Interestingly, ABCC11 gene is also associated with breast cancer.

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