Scientists: suicidal thoughts and lack of sleep are interrelated

Recent American study has established interconnection between duration of sleep and the presence of suicidal thoughts. As found by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, suicidal thoughts are more likely to visit suffering from insomnia people. Thus, the better a person gets enough sleep, the less he has the tendency to suicide. According to the author of clinical trials Linden Oliver, he was very shocked obtained results and continues to be confused, as this phenomenon has not been established by previous research in this area.

Scientists believe that a lack of sleep leads to a depressive state and is closely associated with problems in decision making. With this purpose, they divided the volunteers into two groups. In the first group consisted of 55 people, which saw the average degree of inclination to suicide, and the second group consisted of 18 people who were prone to suicide in the highest degree. During clinical trials specialists took into account additional risk factors, namely age, gender and social status.

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It turned out that just one hour of additional sleep transferred people from these two groups in the group with low risk propensity to suicide and 72 percent lowered risk of such thoughts. Meanwhile, this information is regarded as preliminary because it has not yet been published in any peer-reviewed scientific journals. It should also be noted that 15 percent of U.S. adults suffer from sleep disorders.

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