Scientists suggested doctors to reconsider views on obesity

Scientists from the University of Sheffield reviewed the state of physical and mental health 4,2 thousand people with clinical obesity (BMI greater than 30). All volunteers were divided into six groups, each of them, scientists believe, requires a special approach.

In the first group were adult men who are prone to alcohol abuse. The second group of scientists took healthy women who require a change of approach to their nutrition and increase physical activity. The third group is people with panic disorder, depression, chronic fatigue.

The fourth group - obesity in the elderly and wealthy people with hypertension and a tendency to drink alcoholic beverages. In the fifth group the researchers assigned patients with chronic diseases: diabetes, osteoarthritis. In sixth - people with extreme BMI cut-off points. In most cases, they ignored all the recommendations of doctors.

The new classification does not claim to formality, but shows to each person in the case of excess weight requires a different approach to achieve the desired result.

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