Scientists suggest that you delete your mate from social networks

According to therapist Ian Kerner, this step is the best way to maintain and strengthen the relationship. Virtual communication can never replace a real meeting face to face. Kerner sure many conflicts can be avoided if to negotiate with the second half all situations tete-a-tete.

A team from the Pew Research Center found: one in four people. Are in a relationship, at least once corresponded with the second half, when she's around. Another 25% of the scientists complained that their partner regularly distracted by the phone while talking and sharing time.

Himself Ian Kerner removed from friends in Facebook his wife. This step made him more likely to call and meet with your loved one, added to the severity of the relationship.

According to the results of another study, scientists have established that the partners do not have to hide their personal data from the second half. For 56% of the respondents knowledge of the pin code from your phone passwords from social networks and mail was a sign of loyalty and devotion.

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