Scientists suggest that women with mild hypertension to play football

Doctors believe that playing football can help women with arterial hypertension. As it turned out, the sport lowers blood pressure. Of course, the activity should be moderate, and hypertension - easy. Before you start training you should consult with your doctor, writes the Irish Health.

Women who for the researches began to play football, after 15 weeks felt better: systolic pressure fell on average by 12 millimeters, and diastolic by 6 millimeters. In addition, the volunteers lost on average 2.3 kg of excess weight. And fat is known to be one of the factors contributing to and shaping the development of high blood pressure.

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Most women football was to its liking. This increases the mood. For some, football has become a real hobby. Scientists did not expect such a pronounced positive effect. In most cases, managed to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and raise the physical form of volunteers.

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