Scientists: sugar cravings like cocaine addiction

This conclusion was made by researchers from the SCRIPPS Institute in the USA. In the experiment, they fed laboratory rats sweet foods. After some time the animals have formed a pronounced dependence on sweets. The majority of individuals were even willing to endure pain for the sake of the next portion of the "drug".

Such behavior, scientists compared with cocaine dependence. Note, any kind of addiction is associated with the work of neurotransmitters in the brain. Any animal can be called a slave to dopamine, and man is no exception. The release of this hormone makes us happy and gives motivation. The lack of dopamine leads to depression and unwillingness to do something.

This happiness hormone actively secreted not only during drug use. Any food, especially sweet ones, leads to the release of dopamine from serotonin. Frequent stimulation of the nervous system sweets leads to the formation of "food addiction". As a result, man can't be happy until you get your portion certainly sweet food. Similar mechanisms operate in humans with nicotine dependence or a desire to eat only fast food.

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