Scientists: stress reduces human mental abilities

Scientists have found: constant stress is a cause of serious changes in the brain substance. This explains the connection of why people experiencing chronic stress, often confronted with the pathology of the nervous system and mental disorders, informs The Times of India.

Stress is one of the factors in the synthesis of the cells that produce myelin. This substance serves as a wrapper for nerve fibers, reduces the total number of neurons in the nervous tissue. As a result, the number of white matter increases and grey decreases.

The study of stem cells in the hippocampus of rats revealed the transformation of astrocytes oligodendrocytes. Such changes are one of the risk factors of mental disorders in the future.

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Oligodendrocytes form connections between nerve cells that control the growth of axons. Chronic stress reduces the number of stem cells, sources of new neurons. This facto reflected on the learning and memory of man.

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