Scientists spoke about three possible scenarios of the end of the world

Life on Earth will end with the arrival of the destructive natural phenomena, according to scientists from the United States. Perhaps the fall of an asteroid, a SUPERVOLCANO eruption or an increase in solar activity.

The flow of radiation from the sun may greatly increase. When exceeding a certain threshold, no living organism can not survive. First fails all equipment, then will die the most complex types of animals. Next is the turn of bacteria, viruses, insects.

The collision of a large asteroid threatens to cause an immediate extinction of life on the planet. The asteroid will pick up a huge layer of dust, which for hundreds of years will block access to sunlight.

More than once, according to people who study evolution, volcanoes have caused the extinction of entire species on Earth. It is possible that this disaster could happen again. The whole planet is lava covered it is unlikely, however, to threaten global agriculture SUPERVOLCANO is quite capable.

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