Scientists spoke about the impact of ecstasy on the human brain

The drug disrupts thought processes and brain activity, the research showed.

Scientists from the Institute of psychology, health and society at the University of Liverpool have tried to understand how ecstasy affects the human nervous system. As it turns out, is especially dangerous regular consumption of this substance. As a confirmation of their theories scientists give the data of seven studies.

In the scientific works referred to psychiatrists for obvious things. In drug-dependent patients of people disrupted the formation and circulation of serotonin in the body. This hormone is responsible for emotions and perception of the world. Lack of serotonin leads to clinical depression. This condition – a common phenomenon after the expiration of ecstasy.

According to scientists, the improper circulation of serotonin causes negative emotions and disrupts the work of a number of parts of the brain. Further research is harm from taking the drug. In the future, this information will help in developing methods to get rid of dependence.

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