Scientists: special powder will replace the donated blood

Artificial blood powder will solve the problem of storage of donor blood. The shelf life of Packed red blood cells of man, subject to all conditions does not exceed 35 days, the artificial blood – more than a year without loss of properties. This result was achieved due to the red blood cells created in the laboratory. These RBCs can be transfused into the circulatory system without risk of complications.

Artificial blood is freezing, and drying. This simplifies the process of storage and transportation of Packed red blood cells. Before transporting the blood can be dried and, if necessary, to dilute it with sterile saline solution, and the product is ready for use.

Interestingly, artificial erythrocytes according to their size five times smaller than the usual human erythrocytes. Consist of red blood cells from purified protein of human hemoglobin, is placed in a synthetic polymer. While this is the first case where scientists have managed to bring the artificial blood in quality to real human blood.

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