Scientists: sometimes probiotics are dangerous to health

In half of the known probiotics, drugs that help restore the intestinal flora that contains gluten. Healthy people well digest this substance. However, in celiac disease (gluten intolerance) even small doses of a substance can cause complication of the disease and severe symptoms of gastro-intestinal tract. It is reported Zee News.

In an analysis of the 22 most known probiotics scientists have discovered gluten in 12 samples. Note, many patients with celiac disease is assigned to this group of medications for normalizing intestinal flora. In most capsules level of gluten not exceeding the norms in the four probiotics its content exceeded the permissible value.

On packages of two probiotics labeled "gluten free" of a substance is exceeded the established norm. Experts advise people with coeliac disease a cautious approach to the choice of drug and before taking consult with your doctor.

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