Scientists: some diseases can be identified by the reflection in the mirror

Acne, dry skin and brittle hair may indicate the presence of fairly common diseases. Experts recommend to carefully consider his reflection in the mirror, so as not to miss any of the diseases.

Particular attention scientists recommend to give the skin, hair, lips, mucous membranes. Flaking skin – a common symptom of liver disease. Sometimes skin problems indicate an independent skin disease that requires the assistance of a beautician. The decreased elasticity of the skin may indicate lack of fluid in the body or impaired renal function.

Too pale lips – one of the signs of insufficient blood circulation. You should consult a doctor if you notice that lips are not as bright as usual. In some cases, vitamin supplements will help, others will need serious treatment to activate the blood circulation.

Note the self-test should do without fanaticism. Self-medication is better not to leave and to trust the doctors. Never specialist advice was not superfluous, while self-medication can lead to dangerous consequences.

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