Scientists: soda with ice provokes the development of diabetes

Recent studies have shown that soda with ice is one of the most dangerous drinks. This combination can cause the development of diabetes and a set of extra pounds, according to scientists from the University of Arkansas. Ice dulls the receptors that perceive sweetness. As a result, the saturation is not functioning properly, a person needs more drink, to be satisfied, writes The Daily Mail.

In the experiment, the volunteers received water of different temperatures. Next, they were asked to rinse her mouth. After the procedure, each of the volunteers ate one of the products: cheese does chocolate. It was noted that the taste of the cheese was perceived always the same, while the sweetness of chocolate after a cold water sharply declined.

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This may be due to the peculiarity of taste receptors on the tongue. Cold sweet drinks blunt the feeling of fullness in the body. As a result, the consumption of sugar increases. It sometimes becomes a cause of obesity and diabetes.

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