Scientists: soda impairs memory

Even one can of soda a day can lead to memory impairment in a child, according to scientists from the University of southern California. As it turned out, fizzy drinks affect the learning process, The Daily Mail reports.

Soda, in addition, increases the degree of aggression among the younger generation. "Fast" carbohydrates coming together with carbonated water, break a metabolism in an organism of the child. As a result, the organs and systems begin to operate in abnormal mode, which increases the risk of developing chronic diseases. Doctors believe that the consumption of sweet drinks in childhood should be kept to a minimum.

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Scientists conducted an experiment which involved the testing of soda on laboratory rats. Young rats after administration of soda failed to cope with the tasks on memory and thinking. In addition, in some cases met inflammation in hippocampi. This structure of the brain responsible for learning and memory.

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