Scientists: Smoking coupled with fruit causing irreparable harm to the body

It is known that continuous consumption of fruit stimulates the immune system and strengthens the body, helps to resist him against cancer. Recent studies show: Smoking coupled with fruit diet produces the opposite effect. Scientists believe that in some cases plant foods is harmful.

A research group from the Netherlands conducted a global survey covering 500 thousand people. The study lasted for eight years. It turned out that the fruit not always useful. In particular, they damage the gastrointestinal tact person, if he is a regular smoker. Thus, the combination of factors is one of the reasons for the development of bowel cancer. This disease is treated exclusively with surgery and chemotherapy.

It's all in the strengthening of the carcinogenic action of nicotine and tar fruit. Carcinogens provoke the formation of cancer cells and reduce the body's resistance. Carcinogenic properties of tobacco has long been confirmed, and no doubt about what state of modern research.

It should be noted that the conclusions of the Dutch scientists can be superficial. Experts advise smokers not to abandon the plant foods, as it has many useful properties. Much more useful to recovery will be to give up bad habits.

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