Scientists: slim people also suffer from diabetes mellitus

Scientists from Newcastle University in one of the recent studies have established that the risk of developing diabetes in people with a slender figure is the same as in people with obesity. Extra pounds only define the predisposition to the disease, the development of which depends on many other factors.

It is important to know the individual characteristics of deposits of adipose tissue: in some people it is deposited in the abdomen, the part on the surface of internal organs. When external harmony may be logged excess fat that triggers the development of diabetes.

It is proved that the fat cells like liver and pancreas. Both bodies are extremely important for the human body. The liver is responsible for decontamination of poisons, deposition of nutrients. The pancreas is a digestive station and the source of insulin, a lack of which leads to diabetes.

Modern views on diabetes is such that any person with any weight can this pathology. It depends not only weight, but also lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity of the person.

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