Scientists: sleep reduces forgetfulness

No energy drink will not give much gives you a healthy sleep. During sleep the body absorbs and distills the information strengthens the memory. Cheerfulness contributes to high efficiency and creativity.

Scientists from the Research Institute of SCRIPPS examined the relationship between sleep quality and the frequency of forgetting information. It turned out, forgetting significantly less likely to suffer people, getting enough sleep at night. Therefore, the regular 7-8 hour sleep contributes to the preservation of memories and their accumulation in the brain.

During sleep produces dopamine, a vital chemical substance. This mediator is involved in processes of learning, his normal level do not allow a person to fall into depression or euphoria. With a lack of dopamine, we feel tired and lack motivation for any activity.

Experts believe that sleep protects the brain and prevents the forgetting of information. To maintain the health of the body needs proper rest along with good nutrition and regular physical activity.

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